Five Ways to Combat Anxiety During Covid-19

Are you feeling stressed or anxious right now?  Currently we are facing an unprecedented time, where you, I and everybody is awaiting a massive storm. What makes it even more frightening, is that this storm is invisible. If you are feeling excessively worried during the crisis with COVID-19 otherwise know at the Corona Virus, you are not alone.   In addition, the measures being taken to flatten the curve and protect our most vulnerable in society, while necessary, may be leaving many with a feeling of isolation and anxiety.   Although this is a very serious threat to all of us, it is important that you step back and remember to do some important things to keep yourself calm and healthy during this time.  Remember a virus attacks your healthy cells in your body, and to combat that, you need a healthy immune system.  Follow these 5 steps to help reduce your stress and anxiety and keep yourself healthy during this time.

  1. Practice good safety practices: Follow the guidelines from websites such as the CDC.GOV surrounding keeping yourself healthy. For example, washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  You can see a video on how to do this on:  Washing Hands on Youtube
  2. Stay present: Begin using meditation and breathing apps such as “Calm’, “Insight Timer” and “Abide”.  It is important to slow down your breathing and become more present.  This will help with not being as anxious and focusing on what you did have control of. Writing in a journal, is also a good idea, to share how you are feeling and why each day.
  3. Do not over-isolate: Although it may not be a good idea to meet with crowds of people at the writing of this, you can go for a walk by yourself or with a healthy loved one or friend, call a friend or family member or do a Facetime or Skype call.
  4. Practice good self-care:  Make sure you are sleeping at least 7-9 hours, drinking water throughout the day, taking vitamins and eating healthy.  If you are practicing good self-care it will reduce the chances of bringing down your immune system, which can lead to getting sick.
  5. Focus on what you are grateful for:  Researches have studied gratitude, and have shared the importance of focusing on what you do have to be grateful for. Bonus: telling others and writing it down also helps to improve your outlook on life.

If feelings of anxiety are becoming unmanageable for you or a loved one, please know you are not alone. Reach out to a family member, friend or a trained mental health counselor for assistance. In our fast-changing world, tele-health (distance/online counseling) has become a valuable tool to aid individuals, couples and families who may need additional support to manage the stress and challenges of life, relationship and other mental health concerns without being required to commute to an office location.  We at Charlotte Counseling Associates are set up to meet you where you are with tele-health services.  Do not allow yourself to feel isolated or cut off from the world: Contact us today by visiting our website at or 980-263-9608 for additional contact information and to schedule your first appointment.