Office-based or Online Tele-Therapy and Phone Counseling

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, excessive stress and/or Anger/Frustration right now? With the recent development of COVID-19 (Corona Disease), it is important now more than ever to stay connected. At Charlotte Counseling Associates, we are a team of licensed and dedicated therapists who are here to serve you.  As of this writing, 3.19.2020, it is important to make sure that we remain safe and flattened the curve of more COVID-19 cases becoming present.

Because of this, we are able to safely and professionally provide therapy services for all different types of challenges online and on the phone.  During a crisis such as COVID-19, you may only need to speak to a professional therapist for a short-time, and generally do not need to be diagnosed as this is what we would call a situational anxiety or depression.  However; we are trained and ready to help you for most things you may be struggling with.  After speaking to you on the phone, or online, before scheduling we will determine if we are the best fit to help you and if it is something outside of our scope, we will be happy to refer you to another licensed therapist that is trained in that area that you searching for.

Benefits of Tele-Therapy or Phone Counseling.

  • Larger selection of therapists – ​By not limiting yourself to your immediate geographic area, you can choose from licensed therapists all across your state.
  • Ability to find a therapist that has expertise on your particular issue or is knowledgeable about your background. ​- As a personal example, many of the clients I work with have some form of sexual problematic behavior or have been involved with affairs. These are sensitive topics that not all therapists are comfortable with, and even trying to vet potential therapists can be challenging. No therapist is an expert on every issue, so you want to make sure to find the right expert for you.
  • Scheduling flexibility & Time-Saving –Babysitter cancelled, and your child is old enough to entertain themselves, but too young to stay home alone? Have a head cold and don’t want to infect others, but still want to keep your appointment?  ​No problem, Online counseling eliminates this worry. As a bonus, many therapists who practice teletherapy have greater flexibility in their availability outside of traditional Monday through Friday 9-5 hours.
  • Improved Anonymity/Avoiding Dual Relationships – ​In counseling, a “dual relationship” refers to having any other relationship (personal, business, etc.) with your therapist outside of your therapeutic relationship, or your therapist having close relationships with your immediate family members. Naturally, this is problematic and to be avoided if possible. In rural areas or small towns, however, dual relationships can be almost inevitable, and even larger cities can be smaller than you think. Teletherapy can eliminate these concerns.
  • Ability to Participate in Couples/Family Counseling across Distances – Trying to schedule couples or family counseling can be so challenging, especially if one or more people in the group travel. Online counseling is a great option to bridge distances and help maintain regular therapeutic sessions.

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