David Sanchez, LCMHC, CSAT, Men’s Assertiveness Expert

David is accepting limited “new clients”, but you can be added to his waitlist by calling/emailing Heather at admin@charlottecounselors.com and 980-224-3233 or filling in your information in the contact form at the end of this page.

Meet David

Hi, I’m David Sanchez, Licensed Clinical Mental Health, Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, Trauma therapy expert utilizing EMDR and Brainspotting(Certified), Men’s Assertiveness and Empathy Specialist, and the founder of Charlotte Counseling Associates, PLLC.

Are you feeling uneasy about seeing a therapist?  That’s completely normal and understandable. You need someone that can partner with you and that has the training and patience to help you through the pain and consequences you are going through right now due to your porn/sex addiction and/or other men’s issues. My clients report a wave of relief just by coming in and talking about their challenges. They feel relieved to know that there is a plan and hope for their life again. Your life and relationships can get better! 

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Phone: (980) 224-3233
Email: admin@charlottecounselors.com

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Are you ready for hope?

My approach to counseling is to find those that are ready to work on their addictions, assertiveness, anxiety, relationship, trauma and more right now. I provide a professional, safe and non-judgmental atmosphere in which to carefully assess your situation. I want to know what truly matters to you, and to figure out what is getting in the way of that. My goal is to help you not lose anything that matters to you, and the sooner you start, the better chance you can save your relationship, job, health etc. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, therefore; it is important to me that you receive my full attention as we discover the best plan for your situation.

Do you feel that you are not feeling joy and happiness in the things that used to be important to you? I get that. Since I was a teenager, I have enjoyed listening to others and now as a certified sex addiction therapist and licensed clinical counselor, I have the training to help individuals improve their life.

I enjoy working with adults who need help moving towards what matters most to them. I have over 17 years of counseling experience with individuals and families dealing with an array of mental health and addictive challenges. These challenges can be co-occurring and can negatively influence your life as well as the lives of those you love. Therefore, it is important to seek counseling now as these challenges arise.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Men’s Assertiveness (conflict in communication and other men’s
  • Porn and Sex addiction/Affairs
  • Trauma and Attachment Wounds (Utilizing EMDR, IFS & Brainspotting
  • Work and Life Stress (
  • Relationship and Communication Challenges
  • Life Challenges and Transitions (Such as divorce, loss of a job, relationship, a love one passing away, children moving out, retirement etc.)
  • Spiritual counseling (By request)

Education and Training:

You need someone that not only cares and wants to work with you, but someone that has been trained well. I am trained and passionate about the areas below:

  • Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology
  • Licensed in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in North and South Carolina
  • I have also received additional and extensive training and am a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, and in partner betrayal trauma.
  • I am a EMDR-Trained Therapist and am Brainspotting-Certified for trauma, anxiety and depression
  • I have advanced training in Men’s Assertiveness and Healthy Communication/Conflict Resolution.
  • I have advanced training in Pact Couples Therapy

My Passion

My passion and specialization are in men’s issues and sexual
addictions and intimacy and I have a special interest in working with men
who struggling with men’s assertiveness, learning work and life balance,
and improving communication with significant others.

I personalize my counseling approach with you utilizing research-based therapies, I also provide Faith-Based counseling upon request.

If you are struggling with my areas of specialty or anything related, I want to meet with you. Therapy is a process that can bring positive changes in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Don’t wait another day, let’s work together to work and receive those positive changes today.

Learn more about David’s Work as he was interviewed by Sherry Smith, LMFT, Couples Specialist, Author, and Podcaster.

Contact David:

Phone: (980) 224-3233
Email: admin@charlottecounselors.com

Existing Clients Only:

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