Fighting the Cold Winter Blue’s

Jamine Colegrove, LCSW, in Charlotte, North Carolina

Fighting the Cold Winter Blue’s
As the season changes for some, so does our mood. The lack of Vitamin D that we receive from
the sun, gloomy weather, and lack of outdoor activities can all contribute to our moods
fluctuating throughout the winter months. This weather change can be even more significant if
you are already diagnosed with depression or seasonal depression. How can we manage
through the season, and what tips can we utilize at our disposal?
Here are five tips to help combat the winter blue’s

  1. Staying Active
    There’s loads of research and information out there that discusses the benefits of
    exercising on not just our physical health but our mental health too. Regular
    exercise activities, even just a few minutes of movement, can release endorphins
    in the brain and improve your mood! So get moving when you can and be kind to
    yourself when you can’t!!
  2. Daylight Lamps
    It’s crazy to think that light can make a difference; however, changing out a desk
    lamp light for one of these fantastic lights that mimic the concept of sunlight may
    improve your symptoms as it tricks the brain into thinking that it’s a warm
    summer’s day! See the link below for some options online:
  3. Vitamin D Supplements
    Hey, readers disclaimer alert always consult your doctor before beginning any
    supplement or medication and make sure to do your research. Most American’s
    are deficient or lacking crucial vitamin D that helps with calcium absorption and
    mood support. If your doctor determines Vitamin D supplements will benefit your
    daily intake, this may combat some of those mood changes brought on by the
    grey skies.
  4. Getting out Doors
    Soak in the sun when the sun does make an appearance! I know those days may
    be few and far between depending on where you live, but nothing beats natural
  5. Hobbies
    When helplessness begins to settle in, continuing to engage in an activity that
    shows off your ability to master something directly combats those feelings.
    Whether it’s small or big, go for something that brings you joy and happiness.
    Want some inspiration on hobbies? Check out this extensive list:
    Now with all this said, let’s make sure we discuss the outliers here. If at anytime your symptoms
    of the blues last longer than 2-3 weeks and begins to worsen, it may be time to reach out for
    professional help to make sure you’re getting the support you need.

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