Men’s empathy group, how to help her heal after betrayal:

How to help her heal with empathy

How to help her heal after betrayal.

Have you been betrayed before? Being betrayed from someone you love and trust, perhaps more than anyone else in the world, really hurts! It can feel like a bomb has exploded and you are left to pick up the pieces. Your partner may be trying to help repair this crisis but can at times directly or indirectly making it worse. He may not be able to provide you with the empathy, safety, and patience that you need while you decide how to survive. Research has shown, according to Dr. Kevin Skinner, that it can bring on PTSD-like symptoms. Click here for more information on this.

Why do I feel like my partner cheating on me is making me crazy?

It may be because trauma effects everyone differently. However, for most partner’s finding out that their significant other is doing one or more of the following:

  • Emotional Affair
  • Physical/Sexual One night stand
  • Physical Affair(s)
  • Digital sex
  • Pornography use
  • Sharing sexual pictures
  • Kissing/sexual touching

Feeling crazy, less than and in so much pain and when you are betrayed by your partner.

Dr. Sherri Keffer talks about this, in her book, Intimate Deceptions. Dr. Keffer asks this question: “What is one negative belief about yourself in light of what has happened to you?” I’m crazy.—Kylie I don’t matter.—Denise I am unlovable.—Madelyn I’m sloppy seconds.—Alexis I’m damaged goods.—Lynette I’m not sexy enough.—Quanesha I am tired of being his porn substitute.—Lucy I’m willing to humiliate myself to keep my commitment.—Benya Overweight and out of shape, I will never please a man.—Melissa I am invisible—not a soul knows what I am dealing with.—Sarenna I’m on husband number two. I can’t compete—not then and not now.—Paige It’s my fault; he had an affair because I’m too controlling.

This can be so painful, due to the fact that it is done in secret. The partner finds out by accident or because evidence is left behind or a lover call looking for the adulterer etc. Without trust, there cannot be a healthy relationship or the joy, peace and connection that a relationship/partnership brings. Simply put, if your partner betrays you can you ever trust your partner again? The answer is yes, but it will take time and specialized help.

It’s not your fault

First of all, it is important to realize that it’s not your fault. There is nothing you could have done to cause him to do this to you. A healthy and caring significant other would have followed most or all of these steps and avoided the betrayal in the first place.

  1. Spoke to you about how they felt in a compassionate way.
  2. Went to individual counseling
  3. Asked to go to couples counseling
  4. Joined a support group or read a book on intimacy and relationships.
  5. Built healthy male relationships
  6. Even asked for a separation/divorce if things were not getting better after exhausting all options.

A healthy man or woman would not have cheated with a person, video or picture, under any circumstance, knowing the type of pain this would have caused. Most betrayed partners share that the sexual acts caused behind closed doors were painful, but what was even more painful were the lies that were told and keeping this all a secret.

Specialized help for betrayal and what to do now

At Charlotte Counseling associates we specialize in both Affairs/sex/porn behaviors and helping the betrayed partner heal, build trust, healthy coping skills and boundaries. We also give you time to decide what you want to do as you heal. One way to do this is by joining one of these two groups, but for many coming in for a intake assessment is another great option to be heard, supported and to come up with a plan of actions.

The Men’s Empathy Group, will help your partner that has betrayed you to learn the nature of what they have done, and how to best help you heal with honesty, empathy and authenticity How to help her heal after betrayal

Betrayal Trauma Individual and Group therapy: To best receive help for yourself, you can meet with one of our certified partner trauma therapists, Brittany Coulsting (click here) or Robert McGuire (click here). Individual therapy and support is available now.

How to help her heal after betrayal

We will also be starting a Betrayed Partner’s group, a small group of up to 6 women that are dealing with similar pain, confusion, and feeling betrayed by their significant other. You will build the support you need in time, and have someone to speak to, as your partner also attends the Men’s empathy group and or individual counseling. This group will be starting in Mid to late September 2024, please contact us below for more information. How to help her heal after betrayal

Contact us today to learn more about how to best receive support for you and your significant other.

First of all, it is important to realize that one it’s not your fault. There is nothing you could have done to cause him to do this to you. The first step is to contact us below and meet with one of our passionate, supportive and specialized therapists. For a free 15 minute consultation and to learn about scheduling enter in your information below.

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