Can Workaholism lead to Sex Addiction?

By David Sanchez, LPC, LCAS, CSAT, EMDR Therapist

Can workaholism lead to sex addiction? The answer depends on how the workaholic was raised, regarding being subject to any form of abuse, neglect, trauma and/or abandonment etc. If this was the case, then an individual could use one or more substances and/or behaviors to “numb out” feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression and more. As an individual becomes older, working excessive hours can be one way to avoid what occurred in their childhood. The following are some statistics on workaholism from Brandon Gaile.

What Are The Consequences Of Being a Workaholic?

  • The average American worker receives 13 vacation days every year, but 34% of workers don’t take a single day of that vacation in any given 12 month period.
  • Even when people do take vacation days, 30% of people say they worry constantly about work while they are trying to relax.
  • Between 1970 and 2006, the average number of hours in a working year for the average American worker increased by a total 200 hours.
  • 86% of those who admit to workaholic tendencies state that they feel like they must rush through their day in order to get work done effectively.
  • More than half of all workaholics end their work day feeling like they weren’t able to accomplish as much as they could.
  • 34% of American adults don’t take their vacation days.
    Workaholic marriages suffer disproportionately more than others.

In addition to working many hours and dealing with work stress the workaholic now needs a way to slow down after a long day. He or she is like a speeding train that needs to stop on a dime.  For some of these individuals they engage in sexual acting out behaviors such as excessive pornography, repeatedly visiting a prostitute or massage parlor or hooking up casually utilizing a hookup app. This in turn can become an addiction that co-occurs with the other addiction.

For such an individual working with a professional therapist that specializes in addiction, such as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, can be helpful in stopping both addictions and learning how to lead a healthy life.  In my next blog I will share some consequences of workaholism and how this can lead to more consequences when sex addiction comes into play.


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