Am I a Sex Addict?

Porn induced erectile dysfunction
Sex Addiction in Charlotte, NC

You may be wondering whether you are or are not a sex addict.  This can be determined by a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, however; a first step would be to take this short questionnaire:   Sexual Addiction Screening Test

If you scored a “6” or higher, you may have an unhealthy relationship with sex or porn. This does not mean that you are weak, bad, perverted or that you can not change any of these problematic behaviors. Your relationship with porn or sex may be unhealthy, however; the first step is to meet with a certified sex addiction therapist to determine how severe your sexual addiction may be. There is hope, many individuals can address their problematic sexual behavior in session. A good book to read while you work with an expert is called, Sex Addiction 101 by Dr. Robert Weiss if you want a holistic quick and informative book on digital and in-the flesh sexual addiction. If you are dealing with hook up apps, online porn, web cam sex, and mutual sex with strangers online, then a good book to read alongside your therapist would be Always Turned On by Dr. Robert Weiss.

Signs of Sex and Porn Addiction

Here are some of the reasons some of our clients call us for help with:

  • Porn induced erectile dysfunction (not being able to preform sexually)
  • Being discovered by a significant other, loved one, viewing porn
  • Receiving an STD due to having unprotected sex with someone besides your partner
  • Getting written up or fired due to viewing porn at work
  • Feeling down or anxious due to your porn use
  • Spending excessive money on prostitutes/escorts, or paying women for sex online
  • Wanting to stop your unwanted sexual behavior but not being able to
  • Click here for more signs:

Experts in Sexual Addiction

A certified sexual addiction therapist has spent years, in addition to their graduate and post graduate training to become knowledgeable and at the same time show you the compassion and support you will need when dealing with this behavior. Sex is a beautiful and connecting behavior. When you engage in sex in a healthy way, you feel more connected and seen by your partner. As sex addiction expert, Dr. Robert Weiss shares in his podcast, Sex, Love and Intimacy.

There is Hope

I would like to invite you to make an appointment with us today and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.  Sex and/or porn addiction can be treated in a safe and confidential outpatient setting,  however; it is very important to receive treatment for this as early as possible.  We can help you see where you are with your sexual behavior generally in one session. We will then give you all of your options and helpful resources to help in your journey for positive change.

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Let’s Work Together Today

We have discovered that most individuals struggling with an unwanted sexual behavior are not bad people. There is part of them that wants to stop and feels guilt and shame after they act out sexually and there is part of them that can’t stop doing this behavior. If this sounds like you, there is hope.

Don’t wait, give us a call or email us today. We have options such as individual and group counseling click here for more information about our groups.

We can see individuals, in many cases, the same week. Once we determine how severe you problem is, we can work with you on an individual plan. Most of our clients feel a relief, simply knowing that there is a plan and resources to help them with their unwanted sexual behavior.

We also can help significant others struggling with what to do. We can help individuals in the North and South Carolina area online or in-person. We will reach out to you the same day, with the exception of after hours. Let’s move forward together towards healing your unwanted sexual behaviors today.

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New clients, please send us a message to schedule your free 15-minute Q/A call with Charlotte Counseling Associates, so we can answer any questions you may have and find out if we’re a good fit for working together to help you achieve your goals.