5 Tips For Coping With Anxiety: Back To School During Covid-19 From a Charlotte, NC Therapist

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It’s time for kids to go back to school if you’re kiddo hasn’t begun, they soon will, and many parents are feeling the pressure to decide about in-person learning and remaining virtual. The stress of preparing your child for the new school year can bring down anyone’s mood; with school shopping, getting back on a schedule, and staying safe all on your mind, it’s no wonder we are experiencing anxiety. So, what do we do to help ourselves get our mind’s on track? Well, first, let’s chat about what anxiety can be.


We all do it. Are the kids ready for school? What if they don’t go back? WORRY, WORRY, WORRY. Sometimes it is about things we know we took care of or sometimes things that are just out of our control. It’s okay to worry sometimes, but when it’s constant, we can begin to feel out of control. When those moments come, take a second and check out these tips to ease your anxiety during back to school.

TIP 1:


Ask yourself this: Is what I am worried about in my control or not?

If it is in your control, set aside a time to work towards the problem. If it is not, then decide how constantly thinking about the problem, change the situation? The answer is probably not at all. Try writing down what’s making you worried and figure out what part of the problem you do have control over. Then try and solve it. Sometimes calling a friend can help the process.

TIP 2:


Taking a second and doing 5-10 deep breaths helps give your brain a moment to catch up. When we are always on the go, often doing several things at once. We forget to breathe.

TIP 3:


As a parent, you are experiencing something completely new. Maybe you have to teach your child in the home due to being at high risk or perhaps just calming your child enough to being okay with going back to school during these hard times. COVID-19 is all new. And being nervous, overwhelmed, and frustrated is perfectly normal. Giving yourself grace reminds you that you’re human, and you may not have all the answers, but you’ll try your best.

TIP 4:


Have a conversation as a family about everyone’s feelings about going back to school. You’d be surprised about how just listening and being heard can make a world of difference for you and your kiddo. Come to the meeting with your school’s plan of action about maintaining safety. Discuss what will work best for you as a family and plan to have regular check-ins to make sure everyone is still able to talk about their needs.

TIP 5:


It’s crucial to have all the latest information about COVID-19. Having accurate and reliable information can ease concerns about many questions that may come up as your kids are heading back to school. Make sure to check in with the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease and Control for continued updates.

If you feel that your anxiety is becoming too much to handle, reach out to a mental health professional. That’s why we are here!

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