Spencer Setcavage, LCMHCA, NCC, EMDR-Trained Therapist Level I

Meet Spencer

Hi, I’m Spencer Setcavage. Does uncertainty, fear, or the word “not” tend to dictate what you believe about yourself or the world around you? Those who have experienced trauma or attachment injuries in their life live with painful core beliefs. These can be the result of boundary violations, unconscious memories, or due to unmet needs.
Quote “You are only as needy as your unmet needs” – Amir Levine

EMDR Therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Trauma defines how a person sees and interacts with the world. Trauma is a thief. If you or someone you know has not had their individual, relational, and/or safety needs met, an addiction, negative thoughts, not trusting others, putting others needs ahead and more can all be outcomes. Whether you have seen a therapist in the past or this is your first time, I would be honored to work with you. I will work with you to create a place where you can feel safe, comfortable, understood, and seen. Creating a safe environment where the mind and body can switch out of survival mode and into safety. Developing tools, skills and awareness using a variety of different theories and techniques so you can choose how to respond rather than react.

You may be experiencing exhaustion, hopelessness, shame, loneliness, pain, sadness, anger and/or confusion. These are normal for trauma survivors. I am here to help you to make sense of your life. You do not have to do it on your own. I would be honored to be a part of your journey as you heal and experience the joy, happiness, and hope this life has in store for you.

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Phone: 980-202-1986
Email: spencers@charlottecounselors.com


Trauma/Attachment wounds
Self-Confidence/Identity Development
Relationship and communication challenges
Life adjustments and challenges
Emotional/Stress Regulation and Self Compassion
Psychoeducation (building awareness of how your brain and body adapt to survive)


I graduated from the University of West Virginia with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in the spring of 2023. I spent most of my two years of education learning about neurobiology and just how much our needs (mental, physical, spiritual, social, and intellectual) guide our everyday life. I have been providing therapy to individuals including adolescents, college students, and adults to help them build awareness of their unmet needs and collaboratively develop strategies on how to meet them. I have worked in a private practice, a community agency, and a university setting.

These different environments helped me develop the skills to adapt and assess the needs of those afflicted with trauma, depression, anxiety, relational challenges and much more. A part of my education outside of the classroom was learning how to create a space that is understanding, empathetic, and healing. I practiced every day with
everyone I met. That is not something that can be learned in a book and is intangible that skilled therapists possess.

Therapy Approaches

I operate from an eclectic approach to therapy. This means as we collaboratively develop goals or work on agreed upon areas. I use different evidence-based theories, approaches, interventions, and techniques to be of service in the best way that I can. I view the person as their holistic self and work to develop a relationship with mind and body. As both our brain and body process and store information, both have to learn/relearn real versus perceived threat, what safety/connection can feel or look like, and regulation.

My Passion

My passion is working with everyday people like you to start to begin and understand that healing is possible. I believe that everyone has the capacity to change, including you. Therapy can be intimidating, and you may have had bad experiences in the past with different counselors. Charlotte Counseling Associates can help. We work with you on what you want to work on at your pace. I alongside a team of other skilled professionals take the time to understand you and your needs. If there is a part of you that wants to change or to see if I or another member of Charlotte Counseling Associates is right for you, please feel free to schedule
a consultation.

Contact Spencer:

Phone: 980-202-1986
Email: spencers@charlottecounselors.com