Therapy Intensives

What are the benefits of a therapy intensive?

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If you are like me, you like watching a few episodes of your favorite streaming show in a row. Ten or more years ago, you used to have to wait a whole week or more before you could watch the next episode. That was frustrating when you wanted to find out who the murderer was during your favorite television show. That week may have seemed like forever. What about traveling? If you had to do some emergency traveling from the east coast to the west coast, what if you could not take a plane due to a fear of flying? Would you really have had time and patience to travel this distance in a car?

An intensive is like watching your favorite show on Netflix or traveling to a far away place in a plane. You will be able to deal with a lot of what you are struggling with quickly, without distractions or interruptions. Intensives give you time for a “deep dive” into treatment, without the stop/start of traditional outpatient therapy. Not to worry, intensives have many short breaks when you need them and a lunch time during a full day intensive. Most clients appreciate this as opposed to having to wait each week for their “one hour” therapy session and feeling the frustration of how slow this process is. Intensives help with this so that you can more quickly get to the “root” of what you are struggling with and clients reported that they often feel a lot of relief during that intensive experience.

What you should expect during your Intensive-

Each intensive is individually customized for your specific needs and goals. We recommend 1-3 days at a minimum for new clients and 1-2 days for returning clients. We also offer multiple half day “mini intensives”. Full days are 7 hours of therapy (one hour lunch), and half days are 3-4 hours.

Talk therapy can be helpful, but it is often not sufficient to deal with the root of someone’s suffering. Just talking about your problems may not help with lasting relief and change. Going deeper is often necessary. This is exactly what an intensive does. You will find that your whole experience will feel individualized. Your clinician will focus only on your needs and goals during the duration of your time with them. We utilize not only our therapy rooms, but also our conference room for more space, as well as going outside for fresh air. Expect to use different forms of therapy such as Brainspotting, EMDR, homework assignments, guided imagery, breathing exercises and other experiential therapy techniques during your time with us.

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Intensive Types-

Although your intensives are individualized, we frequently see our clients come in for a handful of particular types of intensives. The most popular are:


All intensives are built into specific packages and billed at a daily rate. Once we understand your needs, we will work with you to build an intensive specifically tailored for you. The building blocks for your package will include:

-Pre/Post intensive consultations (1 hour each)
-Full day of therapy (7 hours with one hour lunch break)
-Half day of therapy (3-4 hours)
-Therapist planning fee (1-1.5 hours) Billed at normal therapy rate

A deposit is required to secure your booking dates. The balance of the intensive is due in full on the first day of the intensive. Cash, check or card (HSA, Debit or credit card) is required for all intensive payment.