How to heal from Pornography Addiction

How to heal from pornography addiction

How to heal from pornography addiction. Are you struggling with compulsive pornography use? You are not alone, individuals struggling with problematic sex comprise about 6 to 8 percent of the US population.  A man or woman that is using pornography compulsively can produce significant consequences for both the viewer as well as the spouse or partner. The partner may experience it as a betrayal of their relationship, even though it may be completely virtual.

Why can porn and cybersex be a problem?

When cybersex is involved, the porn use can escalate very rapidly with new sources of “being turned on” occurring and becoming fixated very quickly. The viewer may discover being “hooked” by images never imaginable before. At this stage, sex addiction/porn addiction counseling and treatment is highly recommended.

Consequences of Porn addiction

  • Masturbating to porn multiple times a day, to
    the point of injury.
  • Watching porn when you are supposed to be watching the kids.
  • Watching porn in dangerous situations, such as
    when driving, while using dangerous equipment, when drinking or using drugs.
  • Watching porn when you are at work, which could
    lead to being fired.
  • Watching porn when your partner is sleeping in
    the bed.
  • Lying about watching porn to your partner.
    Causing mistrust and betrayal and a break up/divorce.
    Watching porn when you need to do school work,
    leading to poor grades/failing.
  • Spending money on pornography, web cam girls and
    hook up apps etc.
  • Moving from pornography use to escorts, massage
    parlors etc.
  • Legal actions that are caused by porn use

Today, most porn addicts get their “fix” on the Internet, spending at least 11 or 12 hours per week on digital devices in search of the perfect image or video. Many are on the hunt two or three times that amount. While magazines, videotapes and other “traditional” forms of pornography are still in use, most porn addicts prefer the anonymity, affordability and round-the-clock accessibility of the Internet.

Common signs that casual porn use has escalated to the level of addiction include:

  • Continued porn use despite consequences and/or promises to stop
  • Increasing the amount of time spent on porn use
  • Significant periods of time (hours or days) lost to finding and viewing pornography
  • Needing to increase the intensity or type of sexual content viewed in order to get a fix
  • Lying and covering up the nature and extent of porn use
  • Anger or irritability if asked to stop
  • Loss of interest in sexual relationships with spouses or partners
  • Feeling alone or detached from others
  • Using drugs or alcohol in conjunction with porn
  • Objectifying strangers, or viewing them as body parts rather than people
  • Escalation to using the Internet for anonymous sexual hookups or to find prostitutes

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