Alcohol and Drug Abuse

We provide Comprehensive Counseling and Therapy Programs for adults and family members affected by various addictions in the family.  

Our specialized therapy services include help for:

  • Alcohol & Drug Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction

An alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, or drug addiction is a way that people attempt to fill the emptiness they feel inside of themselves. It’s a natural human reaction to seek a way to make those feelings go away.  What can begin as a way to find relief can soon turn into a full-blown addiction that takes over your life and negatively affects your marriage, family, job and relationships.

At Charlotte Counseling Associates, our mission is to counsel and educate our clients and the community with respect and compassion.  Addiction affects the entire family system.  At our practice, we provide help and specialized programs for adults and teens to help heal not just the addicted person but the whole family. Our approach allows the client to heal from negative core beliefs that may be blocking the achievement of having a healthy and meaningful life. 

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